2019/2020 WORKSHOPS 

10-Day Still Life Painting Workshops

Monday-Friday, 9:30-4:30 (with a 1-hour lunch)

July 27-Aug 7, 2020 at The Academy of Realist Art, Boston in Boston, Massachusetts 

June 8-19, 2020 at Cheney Homestead Arts in Manchester, Connecticut

Learn how to paint a realistic still-life from beginning to end in this 60-hour intensive.

Working from life in the sight-size method, students will learn a dependable process of painting in layers.  We begin with a drawing, transfer it to canvas, and paint in layers to achieve correct color, form, and realism for each object.

Each still life hosts a variety of objects, including cloth, metal, wood, glass, or perishables. We use a logical process that makes creating this type of realistic artwork streamlined and obtainable. Additionally, with this amount of time, students acquire a skill set to know how to overcome challenges that present themselves.

Some of the many things learned include how to:

  • Use the sight-size method
  • Draw and paint with accuracy and control
  • Mix and match exact colors
  • Have confidence in your materials and application
  • Properly use mediums in your paint layers
  • Deal with sinking-in
  • Create form through halftones
  • Tips and tricks to train your eye
  • See color in three parts and utilize your palette
  • Mimic certain textures with paint
  • Care for your palettes and brushes
  • Set up a still life and studio lighting at home
  • Promote the archival nature of your painting
  • Varnishing tips/techniques

Gain confidence with oil painting through learning a dependable process, understanding your materials, and learning techniques to enhance and refine your skills.

No matter your prior experience, everything learned here will translate well into drawing or painting any subject at home.

Christina is known for her clarity when teaching. She has taught this workshop to hundreds of students over the last ten years, utilizing a thorough slide show introduction showing each stage, handouts that outline the vast array of things to know, short yet refined demonstrations, and personal critiques to guide each student to success. Whether you are an atelier student, beginner, or seasoned painter, Christina will meet you where you are and guide you to maximize your learning and make your best work. Many students that have taken this workshop have gone on to paint wonderful (and award-winning!) still-lifes of their own.

Christina’s still life paintings have won awards and recognition from the Art Renewal Center, Oil Painters of America, the Portrait Society of America, the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and the Salmagundi Club. 

Sign up at the respected institution by clicking on their links above. 


NOTE: If you are taking the class for the second time, you have the option to learn how to paint red drapery! It is a completely different glazing technique. Please email me directly so we can discuss the challenges. 

(Images Below: Student Red Drapery, Teacher Work, Student Work, and Student Work.)

Reviews from the Still Life Workshop Students:

"You will be amazed by what you can accomplish in this class, even if you have never painted before. Christina is an excellent teacher, she not only explains the concepts of classical painting with clarity, but also teaches you to apply them confidently and independently. I can't recommend this class highly enough!

- Eliza Moser 

"It completely changed my level of confidence on what I could accomplish with a paint brush and canvas. Very highly recommended. This class completely opened a new door for me and over the past 18 months I have had the confidence to complete 6 oil paintings and enter/display them in shows. Christina is an excellent teacher.

Walt Damon 

"Christina is a very organized and thorough teacher. She supplies detailed handouts insuring that students can review the principles and techniques during and after her class. She is patient while expecting the very best of each student and giving you the tools to accomplish your best. The 10 day workshop is worth every penny!"

- Maryanne Innes 

3-Day Drawing the Realistic Portrait from a Photo

Nov. 15, 16, 17, 2019, 10:00-4:30pm 

Learn how to draw a beautifully realistic portrait from a photo using classical techniques. Students will be guided through the sight-size process, learning the time-honored methods of how to create stunningly realistic results without gridding. Demonstrations will help show the methods. We will learn about the anatomy of facial features, how to utilize the pencil to obtain convincing form, and techniques to render the portrait to perfection. Students work at their own pace and get personalized critiques. Prior to class a handout will be given on how to light your subject for a beautiful portrait, and how to take a great photo reference so it is ready the first day of class. Open to all levels. Medium: Graphite.

The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, 50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082. (904) 280-0614

To sign up, follow this link

(Below- 1st, 3rd, and 4th images are student work, the 2nd is the teacher's demo.)

1-Day Flower Painting Workshop

January 11, 2020. 10:00-4:30pm

Learn how to paint realistic petals and leaves from life. This flower painting course uses oils and students are taught what to look for and how to more easily paint such a delicate and beautiful subject. We will paint sitting down, study each bloom, work slowly, and utilize certain techniques to make the painting process easier. 

Flowers will be provided. Open to all levels.

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, 50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082. (904) 280-0614

 Follow this link to sign up. 

(Below- 1st and 3rd photos are student work, 2nd and 4th are teacher work.)

3-Day Master Copy Portrait Painting Workshop

March 6, 7, 8, 2020.  9:30am-4:30pm

This three-day workshop is pivotal for portrait artists and those wishing to explore the elements of painting that define the work of master painters. After selecting a project from a range of master copy prints, students will transfer the image directly to their canvases and begin painting the first day. A guided examination of the master’s work will reveal much about palette choices and value structures and enable correct identification of colors and values as they relate to accuracy in color mixing. Students will examine the structure and anatomy of the eyes, nose, and lips as seen and drawn by a master painter. Most importantly, students will learn to observe subtle value shifts and edge variety that allow master portraits to look so powerfully realistic.

Cheney Homestead Arts (Manchester Historical Society), Ground Floor, 175 Pine Street, Manchester, CT 06040

Follow this link to sign up.

(Images Below: 1st and 3rd are student work, 2nd and 4th are teacher work.)

3-Day Flower Painting Workshop

June 26, 27, 28, 2020. 9:30am-4:30pm

Learn how to paint realistic petals and leaves from life. This flower painting course uses oils and students are taught what to look for and how to more easily paint such a delicate and beautiful subject. We will paint sitting down, study each bloom, work slowly, and utilize certain techniques to make the painting process easier. 

Flowers will be provided. Open to all levels.

The Academy of Realist Art, Boston 112 South Street, Boston, Massachusetts 

Follow this link to sign up. 

(Below- images of the teacher's work.)

1-Day Color Mixing and Matching Workshop

(Future Dates TBD)

Become familiar with oil paint and be able to match any color you'd like in this thorough color mixing class. With targeted exercises, you'll learn to mix and match colors from life and photos with realistic results.  We will first learn the traditional limited 4-color palette, and then an extended 9-color palette to pick up on subtleties of color. There is a demo on hue/value/chroma and how to understand the connection between that and the color wheel. Learn how to mix and match colors exactly, how to lay out your palette for optimal use, and become a master over your paints through targeted exercises.


I love to teach and mentor artists. Patreon is my educational platform. 

I share my knowledge with you through videos, podcasts, critiques, step-by-step images, and more. It's all in one place!

Each month I add to the growing library of content. I cover drawing and painting portraits, figures, landscapes, flowers, and still lifes.

This is an easy subscription-based learning opportunity. Choose the tier that's right for you, and begin your learning!

Each tier offers something different. Whether you are just starting out, have some art background, have taken a workshop or two, are an emerging artist/recent grad from art school, or are just really curious, there's something for you here. 


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Do you love art, art books, and being inspired? I recommend the "Curious" Tier. This is a really cool tier full of information. It's a great way to see insights into the process, pick up on tips, and learn about the day-to-day of a living painter. I give a lot of advice in these posts, too, so if you are penny pinching but still yearn for more information, this tier is for you. It's here you'll see step-by-step images of paintings with commentary, where I break down what I was doing and explain the process. I even give bonus content, like handouts from my physical classes, including my Drawing/Painting Skill Set & Tool Guide, an example Model Contract, a example Commission Contract, and more!

Are you in art school now, or a recent atelier graduate? I recommend the Podcast tier. I've been there, and learned a lot about survival in this career. It's really hard. That's why there's also a business aspect to this platform where I talk about things I've learned in trying to "make it" as a successful painter. I wish I had this when I graduated- now I'm 10 years in. This is where I talk about the long road ahead, how to maneuver, and other stuff. Sometimes I mix it up and talk about ateliers and other art-related things. Because it's cumulative, you also get the "Curious" Tier, so that means you get the information about art books, master close up images, and lots of other awesome, helpful tips.

Do you want to watch how these paintings and drawings are done? Or maybe you've taken a few workshops before, or are in art school and thirsty for more? Look to the Video tier. These videos have a vast range of content, giving you an endless library of information to learn from. Watch as I paint a portrait from the beginning, or as I set up plein-air and start a landscape painting. I have even mixed a whole palette of flesh colors for you to reference! This is also a great supplement to my many in-person workshops. Forget how to varnish or make a campitura? Search no further! The answer is here.

Just starting out or wanting to really get better? Look to the Exercise/Mini-Lessons tier. This will get you going on training your eye and starting on this amazing journey. Each month I supply an atelier mini-lesson like "drawing the figure construct". Read about it then do the exercises to help you improve your skills at home. There are also exercises that range outside of the atelier, like plein air painting, flower painting, and sketchbook challenges. These exercises help you stay on track to getting better, and can also help if you've taken a class before and need a refresher :)

For the dedicated learner who wants feedback- look to the Critique tier. This is a place where you will get one-on-one critiques of your works in progress. It's essential to get feedback if you are pursuing this path, and I'm here to help you get better quicker. Whatever the project, I'll help you reach your goals and make your paintings awesome. Some students choose to have the month's exercise critiqued, others submit a personal project. I give thorough feedback using visual overlays- helping you finish your work so it looks it's utmost best. It's amazing- almost like being in class! Plus you get everything else- the videos, podcasts... everything will help you on this journey. 

The Growing Library: 

When you sign up you have access to the entire library I've documented (over 24 videos, podcasts, mini-lessons, and studio tours.) Plus, every month I'll post new content for each tier--- so there's always more to discover: 


-Art Business & Taxes
-Identifying & Meeting Your Ideal Client
-Supplemental Income & an Important Instagram Tip
-How to Price your Artwork (there is a formula...)
-Commission Contracts: Writing them... how, why, and red flags
-Writing a Solid Artist Statement and Bio (with an exercise to help)
-Weird Things That Can Happen When Painting (& how to fix them)
-The Perils of Hiring Models in the Digital Age
-The Importance of Documentation
-About Ateliers (Series)
-Tips to Streamline your Success
-Balancing Classical Study and Inspiration
... and more!


-Portrait Painting from Life (Including How to Begin)
-Mixing Flesh Colors with Oil Paint
-Figure Painting (from my painting Edge of the World)
-Portrait Painting from a Photo  
-Plein Air Landscape Painting (including setting up and how to mix greens)
-Flower Painting 
-Portrait Drawing from a Photo
-Drawing the Charcoal Portrait (Tools & Rendering) 
-"Tools of the Trade" Series (How to Lay Out Your Palette, How to Actually Sharpen your Pencil)
-All About Varnishing (Why, How, what can go wrong, and how to fix it!)
-Making a Campitura and Why It’s Important 
... and more!

Mini-Lessons & Exercises: 

-Shape Exercises (***Essential***)
-Bargue Drawings (How to Begin and The Construct)
-Figure Drawing (How to Begin, What to Look For, and the Essential Construct)
-Drawing a Portrait Sight-size, Tips
-Mixing Greens for Landscape Painting
-Flower Painting, with Tips
-Create A Color Chart (to understand the limited palette)
-Making a Hue-Balanced Value Scale
-Making a Value Scale with Graphite
-Nose/Chin/Mouth Anatomy, Eye Anatomy
-Mixing Flesh Colors (Goes with the video)
... and more! 

Are you Looking to Host a Class or Workshop?

I'm always open to new workshop opportunities. 

In the past decade I have taught hundreds of students, ranging from beginners to advanced artists. 

My classes have included: Flower Painting, Portrait Drawing from a Photo, Plein Air Landscape Painting, Bargue Drawing, Figure Drawing from Life, Master Copy (Portrait or Landscape Painting), Realistic Skin Tone Mixing, Color Mixing and Matching, Portrait Drawing/Painting from Life, Still Life Painting, Cloud Painting, and others. 

 If you have a venue and would like to host a workshop, please contact me directly at mastrangelo.fineart(at)gmail.com. 

I'd love to come share my knowledge with you!

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