10-Day Still Life Painting Workshops

Monday-Friday, 9:30-4:30 (with a 1-hour lunch)

Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

This ten-day/60-hour intensive painting workshop will lead workshop participants through the process of painting a realistic still life from the first drawing to the final varnishing. Working from life in the sight-size method, students will learn the structured process of building a painting of many layers in order to achieve correct color, form, and dimensionality for each object. Over the course of two weeks, students will acquire a solid set of skills which will provide them with the confidence needed to paint independently.

The workshop will assist students in understanding and developing the following skills: • drawing accurately using the sight-size method • identifying a range of colors using the concepts of hue, value and chroma • evaluating half tones as they relate to turning form • using mediums effectively • creating textures • setting up an effective still life and studio lighting at home • varnishing the painting to insure that archival methods protect the work for generations to come... and more.

Instruction will include a slide show introduction showing each stage of development, handouts that clarify important concepts, painting demonstrations, and personal critiques to guide each student along the path to success. Whether you are an atelier student, beginner, or seasoned painter, Christina will meet you where you are and guide you to maximize your learning and make your best work. 

This online format is live on Zoom. For more information click here.

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2020 ONLINE: July 27-Aug 7 at The Academy of Realist Art, Boston (SOLD OUT)

2020 ONLINE: Aug. 31-Sept. 11 at Cheney Homestead Arts  (4 spots left)

2021 ONLINE: February 8-19 through the Academy of Realist Art, Boston  

2021 IN PERSON: June 7-18 at Cheney Homestead Arts (email cheneyhomesteadarts@gmail.com for more info)


(They are amazing and proof of the benefits of a long workshop!)

(Images Below: Student Red Drapery, Teacher Work, Student Work, and Student Work.)

*NEW* Reviews from the ONLINE Still Life Workshop Participants:

Christina's course proved to be worth more than I paid for. At first, I thought I would just learn the basic techniques of classical realism. As it turned out, the course gave me so much more: Not only the strong basis that is the tried, tested, and unique technique mastered by Christina but further than that, she enabled me through her teaching and individual advice to see through her experience and practice of so many years. Seeing through the eyes of an accomplished artist has been the most valuable lesson for me and proof of that is reflected in what I was able to accomplish by the end of the course. I have never tried the sight-size method before but Christina made it possible for all students t become comfortable with it, and now I am so confident and at ease that I am doing other set ups without any instruction. Christina's unique palette has revealed a new way of thinking about harmony of color in my paintings that was really transformative. I was for the first time in my life shown how to properly apply paint on the canvas to achieve a flawless and smooth surface, and that made it so much easier to add the details that will define my painting in the end. I am still amazed by the fact that every time Christina would critique my painting or when I would ask for help, her instruction would take my painting to the next level and this is no exaggeration. I only feel respect for Christina because despite all her accomplishments she is the most modest and friendliest person. Thank you, Christina."  

-Eleni K., from Cyprus

I just completed the 10-dayintensive Still Life Painting Workshop with Christina Mastrangelo, conductedtotally online.  I can’t speakhighly enough of Christina: not only is she a gifted artist, but a giftedteacher as well, which is a rare combination in my experience.  She is well-organized, incrediblypatient, good humored, and flexible, taking power outages and changes oflocation in her stride.  As apart-time atelier student (4th year), Christina took me out of mycomfort zone in a way that made me think “I can do this!”  I love the way she explained what materialsand techniques she used, but most importantly, why she used them, andpresenting the pros and cons of the same. All the while, she made it clear that we may make different decisions onour respective artistic journeys, and that there was more than one way toaccomplish something. 

In terms of the onlineinstruction, I want to say that it had a number of advantages over in-studioinstruction, specifically:

- When demonstrating how todo something, the camera made me feel that I was right at the easel withChristina (no viewing from a distance and peering around other students).Everyone had the same closeup view, which really enhanced the learningexperience.

- When in a studio, I try tolisten in from time to time to try to hear my teacher’s critiques of otherstudents, but that is not always possible or practical.  Online, with the audio turned up, Icould hear everything, and picked up a lot of valuable information that way.

So, would I take another workshop from Christina? You bet! 

-Patricia T., from Delaware

Our Intensive Still Life class was FABULOUS!  Thank you thank you thank you.  I have taken a number of seminars over the years and, although I generally enjoyed them, I never felt as if I was truly deepening my skills or getting traction with painting.  Over the past year or so, I had given up on the idea of ever becoming a good painter.  However, when I saw your class listing on the ARA website I couldn’t resist giving it another try.  I’m so glad I did, because now I feel more hopeful.  Your method is a great match for  my personality and it provides a structured approach that helps me to fight the self-doubt that keeps me from painting. 

First off, I absolutely love the palette.  The palette you recommend is glorious, really. I also really appreciate the practice of laying out the strings of tone on the palette.  I am pushing myself to keep my paints more organized on my palette, which your approach leads to naturally, and I am gaining discipline - something I’ve always needed.

Your teaching style is just terrific, as so many of my fellow students have mentioned.  Your critiques are thorough and logical - bless you! And your lectures are incredibly well thought-out and easy to understand.

I am loving sight-size.  The click-in point was a revelation.  Interestingly, I found that I gained muscle memory over the two weeks and was able to move back and forth to the click-in position, if you will, almost automatically by the middle of the second week.  That was a fun thing to realize.  And I just love the three-phase approach to painting.  It is so much easier to think about the painting in three passes.

Again, thank you, Christina.  You are a wonderful teacher, and I am so excited about painting now!

-Laura M., from Massachusetts

Reviews from the Still Life Workshop Students:

"You will be amazed by what you can accomplish in this class, even if you have never painted before. Christina is an excellent teacher, she not only explains the concepts of classical painting with clarity, but also teaches you to apply them confidently and independently. I can't recommend this class highly enough!"

- Eliza M.

"It completely changed my level of confidence on what I could accomplish with a paint brush and canvas. Very highly recommended. This class completely opened a new door for me and over the past 18 months I have had the confidence to complete 6 oil paintings and enter/display them in shows. Christina is an excellent teacher.

Walt D.

"Christina is a very organized and thorough teacher. She supplies detailed handouts insuring that students can review the principles and techniques during and after her class. She is patient while expecting the very best of each student and giving you the tools to accomplish your best. The 10 day workshop is worth every penny!"

- Maryanne I.

3-Day Flower Painting Workshop

June 26, 27, 28, 2020 - 9:30am-4:30pm


Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

Learn how to paint realistic petals and leaves from life. This flower painting course uses oils and students are taught what to look for and how to more easily paint such a delicate and beautiful subject. We will paint sitting down, study each bloom, work slowly, and utilize certain techniques to make the painting process easier. Flowers will be provided.

 The Academy of Realist Art, Boston 112 South Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Follow this link (SOLD OUT) Follow link to get on waiting list.

1-Day Flower Painting Workshop

July 11, 2020. 9:30am-4:30pm


Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

Learn how to paint realistic petals and leaves from life. Using oil paint, students are taught how to begin, how to mix and match colors, and how to more easily paint such a delicate and beautiful subject. We will paint sitting down, study each bloom, work slowly, and utilize certain techniques to make the painting process easier. Flowers will be provided. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Cheney Homestead Arts Mill Building 

199 Forest Street, Manchester, Connecticut 06040. 


1-Day Master Copy Landscape Painting Workshop

July 18, 2020. 9:30am-4:30pm


Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

Choose from a variety of hand-picked master paintings of landscapes, and learn how to decode the palette used. We will learn how to paint trees, skies, and land in the manner of the master painter with the goal of bringing this knowledge to our own future landscape paintings. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Cheney Homestead Arts 

(Outside at the Homestead, NOT at the Mill Building), 

106 Hartford Rd, Manchester, Connecticut 06040.  


1-Day Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop

July 19, 2020. 9:30am-4:30pm


Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

Learn how to utilize the changing light of day to create beautiful landscape paintings on site. We will focus on establishing atmospheric perspective and learn different ways of starting and developing a painting over the course of several days. We will also explore color mixing/matching, sky perspective, and color shifts, tree anatomy, sight-size drawing, and landscape composition. For more information, CLICK HERE

Cheney Homestead Arts 

(Outside at the Homestead, NOT at the Mill Building), 

106 Hartford Rd, Manchester, Connecticut 06040.  


3-Day Realistic Portrait Drawing Workshop

Dates TBD

Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Graphite

Learn how to draw a beautifully realistic portrait from a photo using classical techniques. Students will be guided through the sight-size process, learning the time-honored methods of how to create stunningly realistic results without gridding. Demonstrations will help show the methods. We will learn about the anatomy of facial features, how to utilize the pencil to obtain convincing form, and techniques to render the portrait to perfection. Students work at their own pace and get personalized critiques. Prior to class a handout will be given on how to light your subject for a beautiful portrait, and how to take a great photo reference so it is ready the first day of class. 

Cheney Homestead Arts Mill Building 

199 Forest Street, Manchester, Connecticut 06040 


3-Day Master Copy Portrait Painting Workshop

Sept. 25, 26, 27, 2020 - 10:00am-4:30pm. 


Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

This three-day workshop is pivotal for portrait artists and those wishing to explore the elements of painting that define the work of master painters. After selecting a project from a range of master copy prints, students will transfer the image directly to their canvases and begin painting the first day. A guided examination of the master’s work will reveal much about palette choices and value structures and enable correct identification of colors and values as they relate to accuracy in color mixing. Students will examine the structure and anatomy of the eyes, nose, and lips as seen and drawn by a master painter. Most importantly, students will learn to observe subtle value shifts and edge variety that allow master portraits to look so powerfully realistic.

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082 

Follow this link to sign up. 
(904) 280-0614

1-Day Color Mixing and Matching Workshop

2020 Date TBA 

Open to All Levels  -  Medium: Oil Paint

This workshop is pivotal for any oil painter wanting to be able to mix more accurate and realistic colors in their work. Learn how to break down the properties of color to see the subtleties that are so essential in realism. Utilizing a refined color palette, students will be guided through targeted exercises to correctly identify and match colors with oil paint. This class also helps in flesh-tone mixing and matching for portraiture. Additionally, students will become aware of the benefits of a limited palette, learning the harmony and variety of color that can come from understanding it. This is a great supplement to any oil painting workshop, especially the Portrait Painting Master Copy Workshop, and is open to all levels.

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082. (904) 280-0614


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