"As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward." -Vincent van Gogh 

10-Day Still Life Painting Workshop 2016-2017 Schedule

October 24-Nov. 4, 2016 at The Wethersfield Academy for the Arts in Wethersfield, Connecticut   (Sold out)

August 7-18, 2017 at The Academy of Realist Art, Boston in Boston, Massachusetts    (Sold out)

October 23- Nov. 3, 2017 at The Wethersfield Academy for the Arts in Wethersfield, Connecticut  

Course Description: Learn how to paint a realistic still-life in a supportive, academic, inspiring environment.  

The goal of the course is to introduce artists to the representational painting world, understand the observational painting process, and come away with a beautiful painting. Working from life in the sight-size method, students will learn how to overcome the challenges of painting a variety of objects, including cloth, metal, wood, glass, or perishables, and how to push past visual limits to extend the illusion of depth and realism.  We explore line, shape,form, color, texture, edges, composition, and a logical process that makes creating this type of work streamlined and obtainable. Relevant short demonstrations will be given each day, and as students work on their painting they will be guided and critiqued suited to their individual pace and needs.  Besides watching, painting, lectures,and critiques, Christina's much-loved handouts further enhance the learning experience. You will come away knowing how to confidently paint a still life from start to finish, including how to:use the sight-size method, draw and paint with accuracy,mix and match exact colors, use mediums in layers, deal with sinking-in, care for palettes and brushes, set up a still life,set up studio lighting, promote the archival nature of your painting, varnish, and more.  Gain confidence no matter your prior experience, and feel satisfied knowing that everything learned here will translate well into drawing or painting any subject from life.

Sign up at the respected institution by clicking on their links above. 

2-Day Flower Painting Workshop

May 25-26, 2017- Learn techniques of flower painting in this in-studio workshop. 

To Register: Wethersfield Academy for the Arts or email (in Wethersfield, Connecticut) SOLD OUT

3-Day Master-Copy Portrait Painting Workshop- from references by Bougureau, Van Dyck, or Velazquez

March 24-26, 2017-   Copy the flesh tones of the Masters and focus on the painting and compositional aspects of portraiture. 

To Register: Wethersfield Academy for the Arts or email (in Wethersfield, Connecticut) SOLD OUT

3-Day Portrait Drawing Workshop- from photo reference 

TBD-   Use sight-size and apply it to drawing a portrait of someone you love.

Private Lessons 

Catered to the individual, painting or drawing, $60/hour. Portfolio development, professional development, targeted lessons in color matching, figure painting, portrait, still life, etc. Email Christina directly at Skype lessons also available.

Are you a Venue? Looking to Host Classes?

I have taught hundreds of students in the past 8 years, ranging from beginners to advanced artists. My classes have included the following: Flower Painting, Portrait Drawing from a Photo, Plein Air Landscape Painting, Bargue Drawing, Figure Drawing from Life, Master Copy (Portrait or Landscape Painting), Realistic Skin Tone Mixing, Color Mixing and Matching, Portrait Drawing/Painting from Life, Still Life Painting, Cloud Painting, and others. 

 If you are a venue and would like to host a workshop, please contact me directly at mastrangelo.fineart(at) I'd love to come share my knowledge with you!

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